It was light in color, pink almost and bottle had a distinct shape. This was it. This was what I wanted. My mouth salivated. I walked over, plucked it from the shelf and immediately put it in the freezer…obviously to chill as fast as possible. Rosé. Yep… The best wine for springtime. I opened the… More rosé

wine and my best friend

I’m pretty sure I figured out I was different when I was in the 4th grade. I remember telling the mom of a close childhood friend that my parents let me drink wine with them at the dinner table. The look, that that mom gave me, was slightly frightening and at the time I had… More wine and my best friend

what’s in your glass?

Never decide to take a break from wine. Seriously. It’s the worst idea ever. At least that’s how I feel right now as I sit, looking at my small little wine collection…salivating. The hubs and I decided to take an “alcohol break”, and if you know us well, you’d understand the lunacy of this decision.… More what’s in your glass?