what’s in your glass?

Never decide to take a break from wine. Seriously. It’s the worst idea ever. At least that’s how I feel right now as I sit, looking at my small little wine collection…salivating.

The hubs and I decided to take an “alcohol break”, and if you know us well, you’d understand the lunacy of this decision. We don’t just love and adore wine, we work in the industry. It surrounds us on a day-to-day basis and it drives everything we are and basically life as we know it. So why the break you ask? Great question.

After the Holidays and my winter birthday retreat to Maui, I made the comment that “everything was starting to taste the same”…insert my husband’s response “well let’s take a break from drinking, see if we can sharpen up our taste buds”. So, there you have it. I’m not sure if this is scientifically proven or anything, but we are doing it and at this point we are two weeks into our six week commitment. Sure, we have stared longingly at the wine that fills the walls of our house..and we spent two whole days organizing said bottles..holding them..feeling the weight of the bottle in our hands..assessing the label..visualizing the feel and taste of the heavenly liquid as it hits our tongue..but we have held steadfast! I swear!

Honestly, the toughest part is going out to dinner. I still flip through the wine list..analyzing the vintages, the varietal, the land, the weather of that vintage..trying to find a commonality or figure out why the sommelier chose these particular wines…as my husband tries (unsuccessfully) to bat the list out of my hands because apparently I’m just causing “unnecessary torture” at this point. Oops.

But I can’t help myself. My desire for knowledge always seems unfulfilled when it comes to wine. I could read every book, watch every movie, talk to every sommelier, visit every winery, travel the world of wine and never feel “quenched”. I seek wine out wherever I go. Whether it be a work trip, a couples trip, a family trip…I will find wine, good wine.

That’s why I find myself sitting here writing this blog. I want to share my knowledge, adventures and experiences with you. Basically, I want you to share in my crazy. So when you are left wondering where your next wine mission is going to be…hopefully the answer will be right here at your finger tips.

<sidebar> There are these awesome things called AVAs abbreviated for American Viticultural Areas. Imagine the Willamette Valley as a whole puzzle, AVAs make up the pieces of that puzzle. Each puzzle piece are regions that have been recognized (officially!)  which possess distinct micro-climates and terrain—> imprinting recognizable characteristics on the grapes grown there. This is why you can drink an Oregon Pinot out of the Newberg AVA which will taste totally different from a Pinot out of the Dundee Hills. Woah right?! Well now picture this…EACH wine region across the world also has these appellations and then these AVAs! Now you understand why wine can be a playground for your palate!

What’s your favorite AVA?


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