enchanting enchantments (and wine) at Enchantment Resort

Have you ever seen a picture of a place and you just have to figure out where it is and go? Like it’s calling out to you and from just that one snapshot you know this is the place you’ve been looking for almost your whole life? That was Enchantment Resort for me. I saw it in a friends blog, obsessed about it for years and finally convinced my hubs that THIS was THE resort and we needed to experience it.

Yes. There may have been some bribing with wine that occurred…and a eye lash bat or two. But I got him on board and we went and now I get to convince you how amazing this place is.

A sense of place.

When you arrive at Enchantment Resort, it’s like driving into a hidden oasis. As you follow the winding road into what’s known as Boynton Canyon, you’re brain goes on holiday and you are left in total awe; taking in the breathtaking red rock striking itself again that blue Arizona sky. And that’s just the beginning.

The Casita will leave you wanting nothing. Nothing. Let’s be real for a moment. How many times have you walked into your hotel room and thought to yourself “Ugh! I need to call the front desk for blank”…this was the first time in a long time that all our needs were totally anticipated. They were dialed. in. I found my place. That place I could finally relax and enjoy. It’s private, it’s cozy, it’s romantic and you feel as though you have finally arrived.

Food to feed my belly. And wine. Don’t forget the wine.

I’m a sucker for a great view. Naturally, I wanted to sit as close as I possibly could to the red rocks of the canyon. Well, apparently the people who built Enchantment had the same idea because each one of their three restaurants, (including the pool!) has a front row seat to all the action. This, coupled with their amazing wine list (thanks to Sommelier Michael Robb!), plus the totally tasty cuisine…you’re in it to wine it. See what I did there?

ADD types, please apply. 

Activities anyone? With my need to stay busy 27 hours a day…I can honestly say I did not even want to leave. Bocce ball? Check. Golf? Check. Hiking? Check. Yoga? Check. Epic spa to get all the kinks out? Check. You will not be lacking for something to do. And if you are, go drive into Sedona which is 10 minutes away. Go to the fudge shop and play tourist. Guaranteed entertainment for approximately 1.5 hours.

What’s the point?

I guess the whole moral of my story is, go to this resort and have an epic time like we did. You won’t regret it and your significant other will think you’re the best thing since sliced bread for planning such a relaxing and experiential weekend.. You’re welcome.


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