double tap for Arizona wine country

Look at the title of this blog post. Do you think I am cray cray?

I don’t know about you, but when my hubs told me there was a “Arizona Wine Country”,  I thought he had pretty much gone off the deep end.

Hello! Arizona is the desert. Not some fertile soil wonderland puuurrfect for growing grapes. Cray to the cray.

This entire conversation ended with me being wrong. And I even admitted it.

Stranger things have happened.

Flash forward to our trip to Arizona and our visit along the Verde Valley wine trail. We began our journey in this town called Jerome, which is not technically where the grapes are grown, but it is where the tasting rooms are. It’s an old copper mining camp, set up on top of the Black Hills overlooking the Verde Valley and it is claimed to be haunted. So come prepared, mentally or otherwise. I brought my juju know to keep me safe and all.

Ghosts or not Jerome is AMAZING. The history! The wine! The people! The monk!

Yes, I said monk. As in ‘The Wine Monk’. I had no clue this guy ever even existed. Till Jerome, where we stumbled into this tasting room and there he was. And apparently he is very well-known. Anyway. He has a blog too. And knows SO MUCH MORE than me about wine. (follow him here

Once we got friendly with The Monk he penned us a list of must-visit places. We went to all of them. And we loved it.

Basically, I really did not expect much. I know that’s “not being very open-minded” or “really not giving something new a chance”…but in my defense I truly believed Arizona wine would simply be overripe juice bombs that would never last.

Well, I was wrong again. That’s twice now. Just in regards to Arizona and it’s wine. My husband was beside himself.

Here’s the list the Wine Monk gave us before we parted his company..what’s mine is yours. Cheers!

Passion Cellars

Arizona Stronghold

Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards


Cellar 433


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