It was light in color, pink almost and bottle had a distinct shape. This was it. This was what I wanted. My mouth salivated. I walked over, plucked it from the shelf and immediately put it in the freezer…obviously to chill as fast as possible.

Rosé. Yep… The best wine for springtime.

I opened the door to the fridge and scanned its contents. Hmm. Not much.

You see, living in Eugene, the hubs and I are always on the hunt for great food..not too far away. There are not a ton of options, so we end up getting creative at home. I’m a total hard-cover cookbook-loving, closet foodie..inspiration is at my finger tips. Though, there are those times (more often than not) where we figure out what wine to drink, but not what food to eat. Nights like these we end up cracking open the bottle..hoping for the inspiration to come. Then we end up standing in front of the fridge, staring for a while, closing the fridge, then repeating over and over again. And still, all that staring at the fridge later, there’s no dinner on the table..but more wine has been consumed. Sigh. Dance party ensues.

Now here is my honest to goodness fall back meal. When you have nothing planned, and hardly a thing in the fridge…this is what 9 out of 10 times I end up throwing together. One, it’s simple. Two, it’s tasty, and three it will stand up to almost any wine. I say almost because I wouldn’t necessarily pair this with a heavy red, but it would go nicely with any white, rose or even a pinot. Best part about this meal? It takes no time and it’s kind of impressive once you get it all plated.

Spaghetti Carbonara for the win!

Please share your go-to meals with me…I’m always looking for another stunner!

<sidebar> Rosé is what happens when the skins of red grapes touch wine for a short amount of time. It’s actually one of the oldest known types of wine. Depending on the varietals used or the wine-making technique, the pink color can range from pale orangish-pink to a very vivid almost purply color. Some like to drink their rosé still, while others prefer semi-sparkling or sparkling (I’m unbiased and like them all!) with varying degrees of sweetness or dryness.


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